Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Funky neon stripes

Check out this guide on how to make these funky looking nails

For today’s tutorial we stuck to two of our favourites: stripes + ombre. We wanted to create a design that would be summer appropriate with an addition of black (our forever fave).
Step 1: After applying a base coat (we used CND – Toughen Up) paint nails with 2 coats of China Glaze – White on White. This creates a nice bright white base for our design.
Step 2: Using a makeup sponge in China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy begin creating an ombre design. Start heavy on the tip, getting lighter closer to the base. Method seen herehere & here. We love the way the electric pink shade pops against the white.
Step 3: Once your base has completely dried (wait a few extra mins or two) place 3 strips of nail art tape across each nail. Try to match the spacing for each nail so they are about the same distance between each other, making sure to secure on the sides of the nails. Using China Glaze – Liquid Leather paint one thicker coat across entire nail, painting over top of the pieces of tape.
Step 4: Again, wait a little bit longer then normal  and once the polish is set, peel off each piece of tape – pulling in the same direction to ensure smooth lines. Seal in the design with a coat of Seche Vite & you’re finished!
We really love how these turned out – the bright ombre underneath creates a great contrast with the solid black top. The variations that can be done with this design are endless – all neon, monochromatic, glitter, etc. The only downside to this design is the wait time, it definitely can’t be done on a short time frame – so pop in a good movie & take your time, nothing worse then peeling up the tape and the bottom layer coming with it (tears).

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